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The “slow bra”, ultra-comfortable lingerie

Focus on our La Nouvelle lingerie The “slow bra”, ultra-comfortable lingerie

The “slow bra”, ultra-comfortable lingerie


The bra has been part of our lives since it was invented in 1889 by Herminie Cadolle, a feminist corset-maker who wanted to do away with the shackles of the corset. Initially a garment that brought liberation, the underwired bra subsequently became a tool for reshaping women’s busts, in a “one-shape-fits-all” kind of approach.
Today, many women have chosen to break free from this approach, by adopting the “slow bra” trend. That is to say, a more comfortable, “slow” way of wearing a bra.


At La Nouvelle, which is headed up by an all-female team, this acceleration of the slow bra trend seems only natural. Since the brand was founded in 2014, we have advocated for a second skin style of lingerie that is comfortable in every way. From the start, we have had a simple goal in mind: we want every woman to learn to love her body as it is, whatever her body shape.
Offering comfortable designs without any artificial effects, that support the bust in a more natural way, means that we can see a greater diversity of shapes and sizes when it comes to women’s busts. We are opposed to the standardisation and hypersexualisation of women’s bodies, and instead encourage a natural and liberated form of femininity.


Our comfort bras, bandeau bras and bodies are curve-hugging and leave the body free to express itself. It’s generally the case that once you’ve decided to swap your underwired bra for a more lightweight, skin-friendly comfort bra or bandeau bra, you won’t look back! To try the slow bra is to love it! But although comfort is our priority, our lingerie is also stylish and elegant, with each piece featuring our instantly recognisable signature lurex detail.


The slow bra movement is also about more ethical lingerie, and making better choices as consumers. At La Nouvelle, all our fabrics are Oeko-Tex certified, and we use sustainable materials such as recycled polyamide wherever possible. This is a brand commitment we have made since the beginning, with the aim of bringing our customers fashion that is more sustainable and responsible.


In a nutshell, all our designs are created with the aim of encouraging women to take care of themselves and love themselves just as they are, which is to say, for the naturally beautiful and unique women they are!


So, are you ready to join the #LaNouvelleCrew

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