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• Pick-up in store

You may come collect for free your order in our store in Marseille (13 Rue Decazes - 13007 Marseille). We will let you know by email when your order is ready.

• Colissimo

Colissimo allows you to be delivered quickly in France and abroad, at your home our or in a pick-up point. You can track your package with the tracking number given on the email sent for the order shipping. To know the delivery fees and delays in your area, please refer to the table below.• 




Delivery delay**

Delivery fees


Pick-up store


13 Rue Decazes, 13007 Marseille***

Delivery delay**

1 to 2 working days

Delivery fees



Delivery to mainland France


Home delivery*

Pick up point

DHL Express home delivery

Delivery delay**

3 to 6 working days

24 - 48h

(3 to 4 working days for Corsica)

Delivery fees


FREE for orders of €130 and over


FREE for orders of €130 and over



Delivery in French Overseas Territories


Zone OM1

Zone OM2

Delivery delay**

4 to 8 working days

Delivery fees




Delivery abroad


Zone 1

Zone 2

Zone 3

Zone 4

Zone 5

Zone 6

Delivery delay**

5 to 10 working days

Delivery fees







*Colissimo home delivery: with proof of delivery

**Delivery delays: Delays can vary according to local customs procedure, seasonality (august period, sales) or sanitary situation. We are not responsible for any delivery delay which may occur from the Post.

***Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesday and Fridays from 9am to 5pm and Thursdays from 11am to 5pm.

French Overseas Territories Zone 1:Guadeloupe, Saint Barthélemy, Saint Martin, Martinique, La Réunion, Mayotte et Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon

French Overseas Territories Zone 2: New Caledonia and its dependencies, French Polynesia, Wallis and Futuna Islands, French Southern Territories and Antarctica

Zone 1 : Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg

Zone 2 : Austria, UK, Spain (excluding specific territories), Portugal (excluding specific territories), Ireland, Italy

Zone 3 : Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Denmark, Poland, Sweden

Zone 4 : Specific territories of Spain and Portugal (Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla), Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Finland, Greece, Iceland, Malta, Norway, Romania and other Eastern European countries, Turkey, Maghreb

Zone 5 : United States, Canada, Australia, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, Viet Nam, India, Russia, Israel, India

Zone 6 : Africa (excluding Maghreb), Middle East, Americas (excluding the United States and Canada), other Asian countries, Oceania (excluding Australia)


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