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Created by women, for women, La Nouvelle is a brand with a mission, a values-driven brand with its own unique style, that stays true to its brand commitments.
To create something that helps every woman learn to love her naturally beautiful body, whatever her body shape

Donner l'opportunité à chaque femme d'apprendre à aimer son corps au naturel quelle que soit sa morphologie

Mission To encourage women to love themselves just as they are

Offering comfortable designs without any artificial effects, that support the bust in a more natural way, means that we can see a greater diversity of shapes and sizes when it comes to women’s busts.

At La Nouvelle, we are opposed to the standardisation and hypersexualisation of women’s bodies, and instead encourage a natural and liberated form of femininity.

Our brand supports women along their journey towards self-discovery and self-fulfilment, as they reveal their true beauty.

All of our pieces are designed to encourage women to love themselves just as they are: naturally beautiful and unique.

Values Comfort and style

La Nouvelle designs combine both comfort and style. They help women to embrace their femininity, and encourage them to feel good about their body.

La Nouvelle is a lingerie brand that authentically and without artifice lets the natural beauty of every woman shine through. It is a comfortable, second skin style of lingerie, that leaves your body free to express itself.

The La Nouvelle woman is spontaneous, liberated and modern, a true woman.

Style Lurex signature detail

La Nouvelle’s style is retro-chic, stylish and confident!

Our signature? The gold, silver or coloured lurex straps, of course!

It’s underwear that does not shy away from the spotlight, and likes to be on show, like a fashion accessory... Lingerie that breaks free from conventional norms.

It’s lingerie that unites the women who wear it. The #LaNouvelleCrew is a community! #labandelanouvelle, c'est une communauté !

La Nouvelle for every woman Sharing intergenerational values

La Nouvelle is driven by feminine values that are intergenerational, passed down from mother to daughter, from grandmother to granddaughter.

Passing down these feminine values from one generation to the next is part of the brand’s DNA. We advocate for and believe in the idea of solidarity between women, and the special bonds they create and nurture, regardless of their age. La Nouvelle encourages women to take care of themselves, assert themselves, and build self-confidence and self-esteem – and to do this for themselves.

So it was a natural next step for us to create La Nouvelle Kids, which we launched 5 years ago.

The brand offers a selection of must-have designs from its women's collections, which it has adapted to be perfect for kids.

La Nouvelle Teens completes the range, with a selection of first bras and underwear that is designed specifically for teenage girls.
It is a timeless, ultra-comfortable range that is ideal for girls, providing support and meeting the needs of their changing bodies. Our comfortable, subtle and pretty underwear preserves their modesty, while bringing a touch of elegance and style, at this key stage of their young life.

A legacy of beauty and well-being.

Brand commitments Our team is committed to a sustainable and ethical approach

La Nouvelle is a dedicated all-female team that is committed to sustainability and is focused on continuous progress.

At La Nouvelle, we strive to do what we can to offer a solution to the major issues and challenges of our time.

Our focus areas and brand commitments are many:

  1. Our choice of fabrics
  2. The selection of our partners and factories
  3. A European-Mediterranean supply chain
  4. Sustainable production methods, to avoid overstocks
  5. A sustainable wardrobe
  6. Packaging made from recycled and recyclable materials
  7. Engaging with non-profit organisations working to support women’s causes
  8. Business ethics

This is only the beginning – we are conscious that we must continue to go still further in terms of social and environmental responsibility.



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