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Women's comfortable body suit

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Coco Body Suit Coco Body Suit

Coco Body Suit

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Women's bodysuits for a glamorous look

La Nouvelle offers lingerie that combines style and comfort to celebrate women's natural beauty. We believe it is crucial that femininity is not hindered by unpleasant materials or uncomfortable cuts. True to this quest for well-being and elegance in everyday life, the bodysuit is one of our favourite pieces of lingerie. It replaces both bra and briefs, offering great freedom of movement, and is ideal for women who are looking for support for their bust but do not like underwires or shells.

Strappy, long-sleeved or asymmetrical, the bodysuit will quickly become an essential in your wardrobe. Originally designed to be worn underneath clothing, it can also be made visible if you wish, and adapted to any situation, wherever you go. It is easy to pull on and suitable for women of all shapes and sizes, available in sizes 1 to 5. Comfortable and suitable for all activities, it can be worn in the office, at home, in the evening or during sport.

Bodysuits are divided into those that can be revealed under a shirt and those that can be worn as a top. Whatever your style or preference, you are bound to find the design that is just right for you. If you want a bodysuit with a second-skin effect that is invisible under your clothes, choose a strappy design in a solid-coloured fabric, vanilla white, powder pink or beige with a touch of lurex for a shiny effect. For a timeless strappy bodysuit to reveal under a jacket or shirt, we recommend opting for basic black or khaki fabric. Our slightly sheer bodysuits in coloured lace are more sensual and highlight your curves by revealing your bust. If you want to wear your bodysuit as a top, opt for a long-sleeved design instead of one with a plunging neckline. Ultra-comfortable and body-shaping, it will keep you snug in winter and warm up any outfit.

The comfort of a women's bodysuit

To choose from our range of women's bodysuits, think about which part of your body you want to emphasise. If you want to show off your shoulders, you can choose our design with narrow straps. It will also be perfect if you want to enhance your bust with a low-cut bodysuit. For those with more curvy figures, a long-sleeved bodysuit shapes the silhouette and sculpts the body. When it comes to style, we recommend wearing your bodysuit under a half-open shirt or contrasting its sexy side with jeans for a casual look. At home, you could wear it under a sweatshirt or simply wear it with a thick pair of mohair socks if you want to keep warm.

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