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La Nouvelle offers a new take on lingerie that combines both style and comfort.

It’s lingerie without artifice, with a retro-chic style,
that’s elegant and confident, and breaks free from conventional norms.

The forerunner of the “slow bra” movement, La Nouvelle offers a more comfortable, “slower” way to wear a bra. Since its inception, La Nouvelle has advocated for a comfortable, “second skin” style of lingerie that meets the needs of free-spirited women today.

In addition to the comfort it offers, La Nouvelle lingerie is also very much a fashion accessory, thanks to its signature detail – the gold, silver or coloured lurex strap that unashamedly reveals itself. This is underwear that doesn’t shy away from the spotlight.

It's lingerie that unites the women who wear it. The #LaNouvelleCrew is a community!

La Nouvelle offers timeless designs that last and that go together perfectly, from one season to the next. Within each collection, you can Mix & Match to create your own sets. We pay particular attention to the fit, to ensure our designs are always comfortable and feminine, and show off every beautiful curve! Exquisite materials like silk, lace and ultra-soft cotton are combined with prints and patterns for each new season, from Liberty prints to dotted mesh, lacework and all-over designs.


Alix draws inspiration for her designs from a range of sources, be it an encounter, a film, or a piece of music, and her greatest source of inspiration is the materials and fabrics she continually explores.

Inspired by the female icons of the 1970s who embodied a certain free-spirited independence, she creates designs that exude a unique and self-affirming elegance.

Her icons, Catherine Deneuve, Jane Birkin and Bianca Jagger, pushed the boundaries of fashion and femininity with their great strength and assertiveness.

Influenced by fond memories of her childhood and the fabrics and tapestries her grandmother used to create, Alix’s personal story can also be found within each of her collections.


At La Nouvelle, nothing is left to chance.

All our collections are designed at our studio in Marseille, where we also add the final touches and check every detail of our custom designs.

Unlike finished product production, which is the main production method within the ready-to-wear fashion industry, we have chosen to purchase our fabrics and materials ourselves, and coordinate the whole manufacturing process for our products, working together with our manufacturers and partners.

This means that we select and purchase our prints and materials with the utmost care. We have chosen to adopt responsible sourcing methods – all our fabrics are made in France, or in and around Europe. Our patterns are made in-house, and some of our prints are designed by our own Styling team.

This allows us to offer a range of products that reflect our values. La Nouvelle has a clear identity, and its designs are the product of true craftsmanship.

We want to preserve this rare and artisanal way of working within our creative process.

For the natural, liberated, elegant woman.

An authentic lingerie brand that
reveals the natural beauty of every woman.


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