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Our brand commitments

At La Nouvelle, we strive to do what we can to offer a solution to the major issues and challenges of our time.
Our team is committed to a sustainable and ethical approach

1. Our choice of fabrics

More than 40% of our lace is made
from eco-friendly materials

100% of our fabrics are

More than 60% of our swimwear range is made
from eco-friendly materials

All of our partners are eco-certified, and located in and around Europe.

Our lace is made from repurposed industrial by-products that would otherwise go to waste. These fabrics are GRS (Global Recycle Standard)certified. GRS is an international standard that guarantees that a product is made from recycled materials, and has been designed in accordance with specific social and environmental standards.

The majority of our swimwear is made from fabrics that have been created using plastic bottles recovered from the Mediterranean Sea.

By carefully selecting fabrics that are eco-certified, La Nouvelle is able to bring you lingerie that is as beautiful and comfortable as it is ethical and sustainable.

2. How we select
our partners
and factories

At La Nouvelle, we have chosen to build strong relationships with our partners and factories. We see our partnerships as long-term collaborations, focused on continuous progress, from one season to the next.

3. A European-Mediterranean supply chain

4. Sustainable production methods, to avoid overstocks

Conscious of the impacts of textile overproduction and the pollution it causes, the La Nouvelle team regulates the production for each of its collections with the utmost care.

If there are any surplus fabrics left over, they are either reused or donated to charity.

La Nouvelle minimises its environmental impact wherever possible.

At La Nouvelle, our commitment to sustainable development is paramount, and incorporates multiple different aspects.

From design and development to manufacturing, we continually reassess our approach and have a constant desire to improve.

Our strategy in these areas is reevaluated each season, and the brand does its utmost to reduce its environmental impact.

Design & Development

La Nouvelle develops all the custom designs for its collections by hand, from its studio in Marseille.

All our materials are carefully selected, and our requirements are rigorously calculated and planned. Our manufacturing partners are carefully chosen, and are all eco-certified and located in France or in and around Europe.

All of our production is carefully controlled, to avoid wasteful overstocks.

5. A sustainable wardrobe

At La Nouvelle, we pay close attention to the durability of our products, which is why we are able to offer a “Timeless” range, that allows our customers to create a wardrobe made up of timeless pieces that they will keep for many years.

These items can also be mixed and matched with pieces from each new collection.

We place a lot of emphasis on the choice of our fabrics, elastics and accessories, to guarantee that our lingerie is both skin-friendly and environmentally friendly.

The brand is committed to offering quality products that are easy to clean and maintain, and that last.

6. Packaging made from
recycled and recyclable materials

At La Nouvelle, we try to keep packaging to a minimum.
Our packaging is made from recycled and recyclable materials:
From recycled cardboard and bags to tote bags, everything is recycled and recyclable.

7. Engaging with non-profit organisations working to support women

The brand is also involved with non-profit organisations working to support women’s causes.

La Nouvelle regularly donates products and fabrics to local and national non-profit organisations such as Collab for Love, Aids, Jane Pannier and Association La Gerbe.

The Auberge Marseillaise is also one of the organisations we donate to.
This local organisation provides support to women in need, some of whom have children. We recently donated 10% of our sales to support this women’s project.

Our aim is to continue to support initiatives that reflect our values.


8. Business ethics

Ethics are also an important part of the life of a business.

At La Nouvelle, the teams within the company work together, according to the principles of collective intelligence, in keeping with the founders’ values of
trust, kindness and listening.

The success of La Nouvelle is down to this mindset within the team, which is also shared by its suppliers.


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