La Nouvelle and the Auberge Marseillaise

Our support to the Auberge Marseillaise La Nouvelle and the Auberge Marseillaise

La Nouvelle in support of the Auberge Marseillaise


For International Women’s Day, La Nouvelle once again showed its support for the Auberge Marseillaise, which provides shelter for women in crisis, and for their children. From 1 to 8 March 2022, 10% of the profits generated by sales from our online store were donated to Yes We Camp, one of the non-profit organisations involved in coordinating the shelter’s activities.


Since La Nouvelle’s inception, sisterhood has been at the heart of our brand commitments, which is why we wanted to support the Auberge Marseillaise, a women’s shelter that is dedicated to helping women of all ages. We first got involved in supporting the shelter in May 2021, when we donated some lingerie, which we followed up a few months later with a donation of some rolls of unused fabric. 


This year, we included our customers in this community project, by donating part of the profits generated by their purchases from our online store. Thanks to them, we were able to raise €1,028, which we went along to deliver in person during a visit to the shelter, which is located in the centre of Marseille. 


A place of welcome and solidarity 


The Auberge Marseillaise is a unique initiative, driven by a multidisciplinary collective of 7 non-profit organisations supported by the City of Marseille and various Government departments. In March 2021, within a youth hostel that had been temporarily closed, the non-profit organisations Yes We Camp, Marseille Solutions, JUST, Nouvelle Aube, SOS Femmes 13, H.A.S and the Amicale du Nid created an emergency shelter for vulnerable women, some of whom had children with them, who were not being supported with any kind of housing solution in the middle of lockdown.

During our visit in March 2022, 35 women and 30 children were being accommodated in the shelter, supported by social workers, doctors and members of the various non-profit organisations. They had been on the street, had experienced domestic violence and been exposed to high-risk activities, and were welcomed unconditionally. That is to say, there is no time limit with regard to their length of stay, and they are not required to cease their high-risk activities in order to receive shelter. On the other hand, each resident must get involved in the community, by contributing to cleaning the communal areas, and participating in various different activities. 


To prepare for their future reintegration into the community, women staying at the Auberge Marseillaise have access to a range of different activities they can experience together, such as art therapy, yoga, and courses in well-being therapy. They also have the use of a kitchen, where they can take turns cooking, as well as a large garden where they can grow vegetables, and a leisure centre run by the Ligue de l’enseignement (“Education League”).


What makes the shelter unique is also its participatory approach. It is very much a place where people help and support one another, and all residents are listened to. Every Tuesday, they meet for a discussion, which is an open forum for them to express their needs and wishes. It was during one of these discussions that residents voted on how our donation would be put to use. It was decided that it will fund a canoeing and kayaking weekend in the Gorges du Verdon. This coach trip will give everyone a carefree break…


Thanks again to all our customers for their purchases, which made this donation possible #LaNouvelleCrew

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