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Kind materials: sustainability is a key feature of our creations

Kind materials: sustainability is a key feature of our creations

La Nouvelle was born of the desire to create lingerie that is as comfortable and light as second skin, to celebrate the natural beauty of all women. The approach would not have been complete without a reasoned approach to our manufacturing methods. With our conviction that aesthetics must always be guided by ethics, we have worked from the outset to adopt good practices in order to offer you lingerie that is in harmony with our commitments.

Innovative materials

We design all our collections in our French workshop in the heart of Marseille, and use artisan methods. That is reflected in practical terms in the decisions we make at every stage of the production process. And that process begins with the sourcing of materials, which is one of the keys to offering you quality lingerie that protects the environment.

Each raw material used to make our underwear is carefully selected to be comfortable, responsible and sustainable. To that end, we devote a great deal of time to researching innovative materials, with the help of our textile suppliers located in France and Europe. Together, we find sustainable materials that save water and oil and reduce CO2 emissions. We also make sure that the materials we select are strong and long-lasting, by carrying out numerous quality tests.

Eco-responsabilité au coeur de nos créations

A virtuous circle

To guarantee sustainable lingerie, we rely on recognised certifications. All the fabrics used in our underwear carry the Oeko-Tex mark, which certifies the sustainable production of textiles and guarantees the absence of products that are toxic for the body or the environment. For our laces and velvets, made from recycled industrial by-products, we also work with GRS (Global Recycle Standard) certification, which regulates the use of chemicals and working conditions in fabric production. This is so, for example, of our Black Mono lace or our Raspberry velvet.

Our laces may also be made from fabric off-cuts from earlier collections in an upcycling spirit, like our Blush lace. We give a new lease of life to leftover or disused products by repurposing them.

Most of our swimwear is made from Econyl® fabrics, using fibres recycled from old fishing nets or from fabrics repurposed from industrial by-products. All these designs are marked with a sustainability logo on our website.

Today, we are very proud of our achievements, but we are not about to stop there. Every day, we continue our efforts to expand our sustainable collections so that we can offer you garments that are ever more environmentally-friendly and beneficial to our customers and partners.

nos engagements écoresponsables la nouvelle nos engagements écoresponsables la nouvelle 2

Would you like to support us? Join #LaBandeLaNouvelle and let us all contribute to more responsible fashion.

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