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Our Story

La Nouvelle,
the perfect combination of comfort and freedom.


Since I was a little girl, I have been drawing women, whom I dress up and undress... I have always been drawn to lingerie, and I wanted to meet a need that was not being addressed by other brands. A need that in this case I also shared: for lingerie that was both comfortable to wear and sexy! Simple and elegant lingerie that you can feel natural in, and that helps you feel good about your body.

Alix de Moussac

After spending 4 years at the Atelier Chardon Savard Fashion School in Paris, followed by 2 years as a Collection Director, Alix decided to create her own brand at the age of 25.

La Nouvelle’s brand DNA took shape in 2006, with its fresh, floral, simple and feminine designs, its non-wired bras and well-cut briefs immediately identifiable thanks to their signature gold lurex trim detail.

Alix’s vision for La Nouvelle was to create a designer lingerie brand with a unique style, and it has gone on to become a must-have brand.


After studying business, Aurélie joined a consulting firm, where she worked on strategy and development projects for fashion and luxury brands.

Her expertise includes developing collection plans, buying, and planning design schedules and processes.

Aurélie had always been drawn to the idea of entrepreneurship, and in 2014 she embarked on the La Nouvelle challenge, alongside Alix.

In creating La Nouvelle, Aurélie wanted to make a mark in the world of fashion and in the workplace, by taking an environmentally responsible approach. Through her personality and management style, the caring energy she brings to La Nouvelle has become instilled in the team.

Alix de Moussac

By joining forces with Alix and launching La Nouvelle, I wanted to offer women a new way of wearing lingerie, that would benefit as many women as possible. I wanted to invite them to look at their bodies in a different way, in a kinder way. And to show them that comfort and well-being could go hand-in-hand with beauty, femininity and even sexiness.

“We inspire each other and share a common vision for the brand”

One blonde, the other brunette… Like yin and yang, they complement each other perfectly. They always make decisions together, whatever the topic may be.

This perfectly in sync duo works together each day as co-authors of the La Nouvelle story, their shared values and strong friendship supporting them along the way.

Friends at work as in life, Alix and Aurélie are surrounded by a team of 10 dedicated and inspiring women. The founders wish to maintain their company’s people-centred approach and close-knit feel, and are always looking for new talent. In keeping with the founders’ values of trust, kindness and listening, the teams within the company work together, according to the principles of collective intelligence.


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