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The four keys to a sustainable wardrobe

A responsible lingerie to keep through the years The four keys to a sustainable wardrobe

From the outset, we have been committed to offering our customers more responsible fashion. That is why we are keen to minimise our impact while producing high-quality lingerie and clothing. On a day-to-day basis, that involves implementing ethical practices from the manufacture to the distribution of our products, and sharing with you the good practices we want to encourage. Today, we would like to suggest four ways to build a sustainable and well-chosen wardrobe.

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1. Go with collections

Choose quality over quantity is the best way to avoid over-consumption. At La Nouvelle, we refuse fast fashion by offering you only two collections a year, autumn-winter and spring-summer. These collections supplement our timeless range and include women’s lingerie, the Kids & Teens line, swimwear and women’s clothing. We sometimes add capsules and collaborations when we have the opportunity to work with brands or personalities we can relate to. Our mantra is “buy less to buy better”.

2. Invest in timeless pieces

The simplest items are often the ones we keep the longest. At La Nouvelle, we pay close attention to the sustainability of our products. That is why we have devised our Timeless line, which stands up to trends. By selecting pieces from this collection, you can create a wardrobe of timeless pieces that you will never tire of, season after season. Of course, you can easily combine them with the rest of our collections. By buying lingerie that will stay with you for a long time, you help reduce wastage of natural resources and the environmental impact of manufacturing new items.

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3. Go for mix & match

Nothing can beat mixing and matching to go back to an undergarment you had forgotten or to spice up one of our timeless pieces. All the models in the La Nouvelle collections have been designed from the outset by Alix de Moussac, one of the founders, in an instantly recognisable style and in fabrics selected to work harmoniously with each other. As they share common DNA, you can mix old and new pieces to create an original ensemble. Our period panties also blend in perfectly with the rest of the tops in our collections, so you can live that time of the month in style. There is only one rule: be creative and enjoy yourself!

4. Go for virtuous production

By selecting clothes designed in a transparent way, you can treat yourself while protecting the planet. At La Nouvelle, we make our own patterns - a rare practice in the world of ready-to-wear garments - and we take action at every stage of the manufacturing process to give you strong items with perfect finishes that will last over time. All our garments and underwear rely on short supply chains that are as sustainable as possible. We design them in our workshop in Marseille, and production is taken charge of by our manufacturers in North Africa. The materials we use are meticulously chosen from our French and European suppliers, with certifications that guarantee good environmental and social practices. Whenever possible, we also choose recycled materials, as with our lace and swimwear, or we upcycle fabric stock from previous collections, as in the case of our period panties.

Now that you have all the information you need, you can make an informed choice about your lingerie!

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