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The future is green…

Our commitments for more sustainable production methods The future is green…

At La Nouvelle, we care about our planet and we are passionate about helping to change the fashion of tomorrow, by committing to more sustainable production methods. 

Although we’re aware that we’re not perfect, we are doing our utmost to adopt new habits and rethink our processes.

For the past few seasons, La Nouvelle has been offering collections that are increasingly eco-friendly, and striving to bring you women’s fashion that is both ethical and beautifully designed.


Moving towards more carefully controlled production methods…


When it comes to our supply chain, we take great care to select suppliers who are based mostly within Europe, and who are committed to sustainable development.

All our fabrics are Oeko-Tex certified, which guarantees that the products are non-toxic for the body and for the environment.

This season, we have chosen to focus on upcycling, by creating a range of lingerie in recycled lace made from leftover fabric off-cuts, and a range of swimwear made from an “Eco-Wave” material, which is produced using plastic waste materials that have been recovered from the Mediterranean Sea.

 These 100% eco-friendly fabrics give a second life to leftover materials, and minimise the amount of waste generated. They also reduce both the energy consumption and pollution that results from producing new fabrics. 

We are also looking to develop more local production, as we are keen to support French manufacturing and, by extension, French skills and craftsmanship, as well as job creation. This strategy will also reduce our transportation requirements, and therefore our environmental footprint.

So far, approximately 10% of the fabrics in our collections are made in France, and 100% of our socks and low-cut socks are also knitted right here in France! 


Moving towards more responsible consumerism…


The collections are created by our Designer, Alix de Moussac, and are developed in our offices in Marseille, where we also make the patterns. They are tested and approved by all the women in the team, which happens to include a range of ages and body shapes!

Finally, our pieces are manufactured in Morocco and Tunisia.

Having a short supply chain allows us to bring you our products at the right price.

We try to create timeless and durable fashion, so that you can buy less and buy better, keeping your existing garments and adding to your wardrobe with each new collection.


Looking to the future…


As we are conscious of the challenges facing our planet, our commitment to sustainable fashion will be consolidated over the coming years. 

From Spring 2021, we will be moving towards more sustainable packaging. Our swimwear will be packaged in recycled and recyclable CPE bags. The cardboard boxes used to send you your orders from our online store will be made from recycled and recyclable FSC-certified cardboard. 

For all orders from our online store that are picked up in-store, we will no longer supply paperboard bags. We have decided to switch to a tote bag made from natural recycled cotton, which is produced from scraps of discarded clothing and fabric off-cuts.

While almost 21% of the fabrics from the Autumn/Winter 2020 collection were eco-friendly, this proportion increased to almost 40% for the Spring/Summer 2021 collection. 


From one collection to the next, we will continue to make choices that reflect our commitment to more sustainable and responsible production methods…

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