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Discover the backstages of our Moonchild Collection Moonscape…


This season, to bring the new Moonchild collection to life, we shot it within a space-time capsule: 

The Moonscape villa

Moonscape… 1

Designed on the basis of environmentally-friendly principles and an organic aesthetic, this iconic and rare example of 20th century bubble architecture was created by architect Daniel Grateloup in the 70s. It was completed in 1977, and has been maintained in its original state. Its period furniture was custom-designed, and the house is full of little treasures that fill every nook and hidden corner, which are delightful echoes of the seventies… Psychedelic, whimsical, utopian, joyful and colourful… there aren’t enough adjectives to describe it! 

For the team, these three days of shooting were like a voyage through space-time…

Throughout the season, we’re going to be sharing with you some exclusive sneak peeks behind the scenes of this unique adventure!

The Villa

Moonscape… 2

The construction site

Moonscape… 3

Moonscape… 4

Discover Villa Bulle

Moonscape… 5

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