La Nouvelle & You: Bérengère and Marjorie

We meet two best friends La Nouvelle & You: Bérengère and Marjorie

Marjorie, 38, a hairdresser, and Bérengère, 42, an advertising manager, tell us about their La Nouvelle experience. 

They’ve been friends for 18 years and loyal customers of La Nouvelle since it launched. With plenty of giggles and thoughts confided, they happily got stuck in when it came to our photo shoot. There was no question of taking part in this experience without each other!

What was your state of mind when you were considering doing this photo shoot?

Bérengère: We didn’t question it too much! We saw it as an experience, something we could do together, while wearing the underwear we love. 

Marjorie: It’s also a nice way to celebrate our friendship. We hadn’t posed together in front of a photographer since our class photos!

Which pieces are you wearing for the shoot?

Marjorie: We chose the same set. The Georgia comfort bra with the wide elastic band that we love, and the shorty. It’s stylish and super well-cut. You don’t even feel it’s there.

Have you always worn styles without underwiring?

Bérengère: I used to think that bralettes didn’t enhance your bust. But when you try it on, you’re surprised by the curves and how shapely it makes your figure look. And in terms of comfort, there’s no comparison versus underwired bras!

Marjorie: I started off wearing underwired push-up bras when I was a teenager. Now I like the comfort of bralettes. My favourite La Nouvelle ones are the Georgia and the Judith.

What do you like about La Nouvelle lingerie?

Marjorie: It’s lingerie in which you are natural and authentic. Also the cuts are stylish, the materials feel like a second skin, they’re not visible beneath your clothes, and they wear very well. It doesn’t feel itchy, and it doesn’t pinch.

Bérengère: The comfort, the quality of the materials, and the chic lurex detail.

Did anyone give you advice when it came to discovering women’s lingerie?

Bérengère: My Mum and my sister. I wore her underwear a lot!

Marjorie: For me, it was my Granny. She bought me a bralette with little buttons down the front.

What advice would you yourself like to pass on?

Bérengère: I have two daughters, who I would like to steer towards simple things. Teach them about being natural and about self-confidence. You have to feel beautiful for yourself and not for others.

What does femininity mean to you?

Marjorie: Feeling good in your bra! On a more serious note, feeling good just as you are, au naturel. Are you interested in the idea of sustainable lingerie?

Bérengère: Oh yes! More and more so. It’s something we’re conscious of on a daily basis when making choices as consumers. Being mindful of what you’re buying is essential. We no longer really have the choice to do otherwise. I also like to have clothes that last. I would like my daughters to be able to discover the pieces that I liked, and wear them when they’re older.


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