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La Nouvelle & You: Caroline

Meet Caroline La Nouvelle & You: Caroline

Caroline, 37, works in ad sales, and she sits down with us for a chat, to tell us about her experience with La Nouvelle. 

Between her yoga class and a drink with friends, Caroline agreed to fit in a photo shoot for us and pose in our lingerie!

Caroline, La Nouvelle customer

How did you hear about La Nouvelle?

Through the online store. I immediately loved the second skin effect, almost as if you’re not even wearing a bra. It’s lightweight and ultra-slim, so you don’t feel too hot in it. Even the lace feels very comfortable on the skin. And as I love glitter (and leopard print!), I immediately liked the lurex detail.

Why did you agree to do this shoot?

I was very flattered to be asked to be associated with this brand that I love and wear every day.

Which pieces are you wearing in the shoot?

I chose the Georgia body in Forest lurex, because I wear it a lot, on a daily basis actually.

What are you looking for when it comes to lingerie? Comfort, support or sexiness?

The older I get, the more comfort is a priority. But as I think that lingerie also reflects your personality, I like it to be a bit sexy too. With La Nouvelle, I can feel pretty and sexy while feeling comfortable too. It was really the comfort and the lightweight feel that made me switch to the brand completely.

Do you remember your first bra?

Not really… When I was a teenager there wasn’t much choice, so it was very hard to find my size. But to tell the truth, I was already more of a “no bra” person. Whenever I had to wear a bra, I couldn’t wait to get home so I could take it off and breathe again.

What does femininity mean to you?

It’s about feeling good about your body, accepting yourself and accepting that everyone is different. Femininity is often about subtle details. But I would say that essentially, these two elements have to be aligned for you to really shine.

What would you like to pass on to your daughter in this regard?

She is still only 3 years old, but I would like to pass on the idea of comfort and wearing something pretty. I want her to have an appreciation for elegance. A nice pair of shorties is much sexier than a thong that really doesn’t look good!

The materials we use to make our bras are sourced with great care, as part of our eco-friendly approach. Is that important to you?

Yes, I appreciate that very much. When you have children, you are definitely mindful of the choices you make as a consumer. So when it comes to lingerie, if it can be eco-friendly as well as comfortable and elegant, it’s a win-win!

Caroline, La Nouvelle customer 2

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