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La Nouvelle & You: Hoeur

Meet Hoeur La Nouvelle & You: Hoeur

Hoeur, 47, is a pattern maker and dressmaker. Here she tells us about her experience with La Nouvelle. 

She took up the challenge of this photo shoot in her own modest and gentle way.

Hoeur, La Nouvelle Customer

Why did you agree to do this shoot?

To challenge myself! This is my first time posing for a photo shoot. I find it difficult to see myself and to accept myself.

Which pieces are you wearing in the shoot?

I’m wearing a Georgia camisole and a shorty. These are the styles that I feel comfortable in and that suit me.

What are you looking for when it comes to lingerie? Comfort, support or sexiness?

All of the above. You can be sexy in a style that is ostensibly very simple and comfortable, by playing with colour.

What do you like about La Nouvelle lingerie?

The materials they use are really nice. The fabrics feel like they’re barely there, because they’re so light.

Do you remember your first bra?

My first bras tended to be more underwired, and padded. Then I moved on to bralettes. Being more small-chested, La Nouvelle comfort bras suit me well. I find them less restrictive, but they fit well. I feel much freer in them.

Did your mother give you any guidance when it came to discovering women’s lingerie?

Not really. I grew up in Cambodia, in a very different culture. Women there wore a sarong, without knickers underneath. And the bra they wore was more like a little top, like a camisole. My mother only really discovered lingerie when she came to France.

What does femininity mean to you?

It’s feeling good about yourself. Accepting your little flaws, and accepting that your body changes over time.

The materials we use to make our bras are sourced with great care, as part of our eco-friendly approach. Is that important to you?

Yes. I tend to wear my clothes for a really long time. I don’t like to buy and consume a lot, and I like clothes that will last and that can be passed on. I’m a real supporter of slow fashion.

Hoeur, La Nouvelle Customer 2

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