La Nouvelle & You: Amina

Meet Amina La Nouvelle & You: Amina

Amina, 42, Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga teacher and Project Manager, shares her LA NOUVELLE experience with us. 

As she searches for harmony in body and mind, Amina is radiant under the lens of our photographer, with her beautiful smile and her serene energy.

La Nouvelle and you : Amina

How did you hear about La Nouvelle?

This is a recent discovery, and I am now a huge fan!

Why did you agree to do this shoot?

At first I was surprised by the offer from La Nouvelle! I hesitated for a moment, because it was definitely going to be a big challenge for me, as I hate being photographed. I finally said yes, because this offer of doing the shoot actually came at the right time in terms of my personal journey towards greater acceptance of my body image.

What do you like about La Nouvelle lingerie?

This is the kind of lingerie I’d been dreaming of! It’s pretty, never tacky… It’s light, joyful and comfortable. I also like the materials, which are always beautiful, with a really nice second skin feel. Bras are a garment in their own right, that we want to be on show, as an accessory that we have carefully chosen to complement an outfit.

What are you looking for when it comes to lingerie? Comfort, support or sexiness?

Right now, my priority is comfort. But I don’t mean unattractive-looking comfort! La Nouvelle lingerie is comfortable, but above all joyful – it gives you a boost!

What was the first bra you wore and how has your choice of bra evolved over time?

I have many memories of lingerie that was unpleasant to wear. The materials were irritating, they had painful underwiring… And then there was a lot of very sexy underwear, not at all in line with my idea of femininity.

What exactly does femininity mean to you?

It’s about harmony. It’s being free to do what you want, while feeling good about your body.

What advice would you give your daughter when it comes to finding lingerie?

I would advise her to choose lingerie that fits her and suits her body shape. It’s the underwear that needs to fit you, and not the other way around. I would guide her towards lingerie that makes her feel light and free.

La Nouvelle and you : Amina 2 La Nouvelle and you : Amina 3

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