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The Panties that are changing the rules

A different way to experience your period The Panties that are changing the rules

Period Panties Eva - La Nouvelle
At La Nouvelle, we have one priority: to help you feel good in your body, at every time in your life. So, as we continue our work to fulfil this mission, it seemed like a natural next step to create our period panties. These upcycled panties, which are made using fabric off-cuts from our own production, feature elegant and feminine cuts, and offer you a more sustainable way of managing your period. 

Period panties are now the best eco-friendly solution available, and offer you a different way to experience your period. They are an alternative to conventional sanitary pads, for example, which cause pollution and are sometimes harmful to health – and they also save money because they can be washed and reused. By switching to period panties, you are doing something that’s good for the planet while taking care of yourself.

To help you make the switch to period panties, we have designed two styles to suit all body shapes: Eva, the classic briefs with lace side panels and our iconic lurex detail and Moon, a black shorty featuring the La Nouvelle logo on the wide elastic band.

Designed to prevent leakage, with absorbent layers of organic cotton and bamboo fibres, our panties are available with two types of protection – for medium or heavy flow – offering you optimal absorption throughout your cycle. This ensures there is no risk of leaks or odour, so you can enjoy complete peace of mind throughout the day or night. Easy to wear, soft on the skin and discreet under clothing, our period panties start from size 0, and will also be perfect as our teens' first period underwear. 

Period Panties Moon - La Nouvelle

Want to coordinate your lingerie even during your period? Our designs, which combine technology and style, are perfect to mix and match with the rest of our collections, for femininity that’s on your terms. You can play Mix & Match with your lingerie tops, as you would during the rest of the month. The period panties, with their black lace insert, go perfectly with the Georgia comfort bra, while the period shorties look great with the Georgia extended bralette or the Jackie bra.

And because your well-being is our priority, our period panties, which are available individually or in packs of 2 or 4, are made from recycled fabrics that have been carefully chosen to promote comfort and ensure you feel confident throughout the day. They are also Oeko-Tex certified, and are free from any substances that would be toxic for the body or the environment, in keeping with our brand commitments.

So, are you ready to switch to period panties and change the rules of the game?

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