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Sportswear line: comfortable clothing required

Discover our sportswear line Sportswear line: comfortable clothing required

Our sportswear line

Because at La Nouvelle we're always there for you, we've developed a sportswear line that is as comfortable as it is stylish, to accompany our lingerie and swimwear ranges. For this collection, we have created a set of pieces that can be adapted to suit you, however you want to wear them.

In less time than it takes to put on our workout gear, sportswear has become an essential part of our wardrobes. These chic and sporty pieces can be worn either at home or if you're heading out to the gym. Whether you've decided to run the Paris Marathon or embark on a Netflix marathon, our sportswear range will go everywhere with you, from at home to the office, the gym, on a treadmill or yoga mat, and can even be part of your evening outfit! These styles are so easy to wear, you'll never want to wear anything else...

In our sportswear wardrobe, you'll find ultra-soft pieces with an 80s feel. There's a thick organic cotton T-shirt emblazoned with a full-colour La Nouvelle logo, along with two oversized sweatshirts and matching fleeceback jersey joggers and shorts, featuring the famous yellow-legged gull from Marseille in the flocked velvet detail to the centre. A nod to our Marseille roots! Made from Oeko-Tex certified organic cotton, for a uniquely soft feel on the skin, you can wear these comforting yet stylish pieces anywhere. The T-shirt and sweatshirt will go perfectly with your favourite jeans. The shorts look great over a swimsuit, perfect for when you're leaving the beach.

Mick Shorts

For the more sporty among us, we've also designed a range of matching leggings, cycling shorts and sports bras that offer you performance as well as style. Our leggings mould to your body shape and follow your every move. With their high waist, they give you optimal support and fit, without constraining your breathing. The shorter version of our cycling shorts are perfect for working out or doing sports, whatever the season. Or why not adopt the fashion trend that's so hot right now, and team them with our oversized sweatshirt and a pair of trainers. You can also combine these two bottoms with our racer-back sports bra, which features wide shoulder straps and an elastic band under the bust, for optimal support without making your chest feel constricted in any way.

Elia and Melo Bra

These pieces are made from carefully selected body-shaping opaque fabrics that feel like a second skin and are Oeko-Tex certified. They have been designed specifically for sports – and yoga, pilates, gymnastics and dance in particular. But a little birdie tells us that you won't just want to wear them at the gym...

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