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Interview with Mélanie, who has a special connection to La Nouvelle Lingerie for all of life’s moments

La Nouvelle, lingerie for all of life’s moments

Since we first launched the brand, we have made it our mission to support women throughout their lives, along their journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance. This means that we want to be there for them in good times as well as in tough times. Some women can develop an illness that affects their body. La Nouvelle lingerie helps women to take care of their bodies when faced with an illness, to maintain self-confidence, and to stay connected to their femininity. This is what Mélanie, one of our customers who has been through breast cancer, tells us. 

When femininity is put to the test

Feeling her femininity affected by the illness, Mélanie attaches great importance to her lingerie, which she wants to be as comfortable as it is beautiful: “When you have breast cancer, you feel like you’re no longer a woman. At the end of my treatment, I really needed my femininity, and lingerie and makeup helped me to find that again...”. But finding lingerie that is both comfortable and feminine is not easy: “In 2012, post-operative lingerie was only available in pharmacies. The styles were very medical, not at all glamorous, and I found that whole experience very hard... Fortunately in 2018, I could see that things had moved on and there were more choices available.” 

Lingerie to (re)build confidence

A La Nouvelle customer from the very beginning, Mélanie tells us that in La Nouvelle she has found lingerie that perfectly combines comfort and femininity: “Now when I wear lingerie, I don’t want to feel constricted or hemmed in. I’m looking for bras without underwiring, that are lightweight on the skin, and that look pretty under my clothing!”  Her favourite pieces are bodies, which she is a collector of, and bras without underwiring, which are light as a veil and do not constrict the bust. 
Thanks to the particular care we take in our cuts, the materials we use and our finishes, we are able to bring our customers lightweight and ultra-comfortable lingerie that feels just like a second skin. Comfort is our priority, as we want to ensure that every woman, regardless of her body shape or age, can (re)build her self-confidence. Mélanie adds: “I loved La Nouvelle from the very beginning, because I find that their underwear is as sexy as it is comfortable... Lingerie is vital to feeling good in your body, staying positive, and feeling beautiful despite suffering from an illness.

You can discover Mélanie's illustrations and murals on her Instagram account:

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