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Interview with Laura, La Nouvelle store manager

You might already appreciate her smile and kindness. Laura is the manager of the La Nouvelle store in Marseille and advises customers with gentleness and passion. Let us meet her. Interview with Laura, La Nouvelle store manager

Laura, how long have you been on the La Nouvelle team and what do you do?

I have been in charge of the Marseille store in rue Decazes in the 7th arrondissement since it opened in spring 2023. Routinely, in addition to my adviser role as a salesperson, I make sure the store operates smoothly and I look after the stock to be sure that all our designs are available for our customers.

Portrait of Laura

What is your very first memory of La Nouvelle?

I’m from Marseille and I have always known and appreciated the brand. Besides, I regularly came across Alix and Aurélie, the founders, in the district of Endoume where we live. But I really discovered the whole team during a sale. I took part in it as back-up and had a wonderful time. I felt real enthusiasm from the customers, great excitement and a lot of cheerfulness. It was after that experience that I joined La Nouvelle permanently.

What has been your biggest challenge since joining the store?

The store inauguration was quite a challenge in itself. This is our first own store, and we were a little apprehensive about whether it would be a success. Fortunately, sales took off very soon and we continue to strive to promote the loyalty of existing customers and gain new ones.

What do you like most about the store, in your daily work?

Meeting and talking with customers. The store is really a place for sharing that was imagined as a cocoon where women can take their time to discover our designs and try them. Because lingerie is so intimate, there is a very special bond and real complicity between them and me, which I appreciate hugely.

La Nouvelle store interior

Do you have any funny anecdote to share with us?

Oh, there are so many! Recently, I was very surprised to see a customer put on her Georgia bra by stepping through it, which is rather unusual! It gave us a good laugh.

Do you have a favourite La Nouvelle piece?

The iconic design of the brand is the Georgia comfort bra. But my favourite piece is the body suit, which I’ve been a fan of for a long time. I usually choose a lace body suit like the Coco, which is discreet under a shirt in summer, or a lurex design to wear under a jumper in winter. They are comfortable and sexy, and easy to wear. I also love the Poppy bra, a triangle design with narrow straps, which is very elegant.

And your pick for the summer?

The Tim one-piece swimsuit. I think it’s just gorgeous, with a line that will suit all body shapes. I would also like to mention the new Sunset Lurex colourway, which is a bright pink full of vim. Our swimwear range grows season after season and caters to all women: whether you want to swim or just soak up the sun. We have the design you need!

How would you define the style of the brand?

Our lingerie is comfortable and elegant. Our customers regularly tell me that they no longer want anything else because they have trouble finding lingerie that is both beautiful and easy to wear. The fabrics are always very well-chosen, whether for lingerie, swimwear or homewear. The materials are soft and elastic, and adapt well to different body shapes, while the colours and prints are always powerful and striking.

For you, who is the La Nouvelle woman?

All women. I am always surprised to see the diversity of profiles that make up the customers of the store, who belong to all generations. They are us, our mothers, and our daughters. Above all, they are women who are not embarrassed about themselves, whatever their body shape. Women who are happy in their own skin.

Which is the first word that comes to your mind when someone says La Nouvelle, and why?

Golden! Because the lurex strap is the signature detail of the brand. And that is often how La Nouvelle customers recognise each other!

Laura can be found in the store at 13 rue Decazes 13007 Marseille from Tuesday to Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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