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La Nouvelle & You: Karine

Meet Karine La Nouvelle & You: Karine

Karine, 66, is a Medical Oncologist, Sports Therapy Teacher and Vice-President of Rosa Mouv, an organisation that provides supportive care for patients suffering from cancer. Here she tells us about her La Nouvelle experience. 

Won over by Karine’s gentle and caring personality, we were eager for her to pose for our online store, for the NightCall collection.

Karine and La Nouvelle

Why did you agree to do this shoot?

To experience something new, and most importantly because I love the brand.

Which pieces are you wearing in the shoot?

A powder pink triangle bra with classic Georgia briefs, which are slightly low-rise.

What do you like about La Nouvelle lingerie?

I like the materials and the lurex detail, which I find very elegant. It’s lingerie that feels barely there, that doesn’t leave a mark, but that you can reveal a little if you want to.

Do you remember your first bra?

My first bras were made of rigid fabric, with very little stretch in them. With my smaller breasts, it wasn’t easy to find the right size.

Have you always worn styles without underwiring?

No, but I always hated underwiring – and padding, which was fashionable at one time. The recent return of lighter styles, without underwiring, suits me better.

What are you looking for when it comes to lingerie? Comfort, support or sexiness?

More the comfort aspect, but I also want it to be pretty, something I like and that I can wear with any outfit. I like for a bra to be not just a bra in the utilitarian sense, but a garment in its own right, with its own aesthetic.

What does femininity mean to you?

It’s a combination of gentleness and sensitivity. I associate femininity with kindness, and empathy. It’s also a kind of energy that you radiate.

The materials we use to make our bras are sourced with great care, as part of our eco-friendly approach. Is that important to you?

Absolutely! This is so important to me. I particularly like that La Nouvelle doesn’t carry a lot of stock, and that they regularly hold clearance sales, so that all the pieces can find a home in someone’s wardrobe.

Karine and La Nouvelle 2

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