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La Nouvelle & You: Barbara

Meet Barbara La Nouvelle & You: Barbara

Barbara, 37, is a Management Assistant. She tells us about her experience with La Nouvelle.

Feminine, natural, funny and elegant, she spreads joy and good humour wherever she goes!

Barbara, La Nouvelle customer

How did you hear about La Nouvelle?

I’ve known about La Nouvelle since its early days. I immediately liked this brand, which offered something different to other lingerie brands. It’s beautiful, but with no frills. It’s simple yet glamorous.

Why did you agree to do this shoot?

I did it for my 8-year-old daughter, who is starting to become aware of her body. I would like to convey to her this idea of feeling comfortable in your skin, accepting yourself and being accepting of difference. I would like her to know that there’s not just one type of beauty, and that sometimes our little flaws can actually be some of our best features. Beauty is not found in the stereotypes we see in magazines!

Which pieces are you wearing in the shoot?

I chose the Gala cross-back design in Vanilla, which I love. It doesn’t have underwiring, and it makes your figure look great. I like the lurex detail, I like to leave it visible under a shirt. It’s a simple style, that suits me.

What are you looking for when it comes to lingerie? Comfort, support or sexiness?

All of the above! That’s why I like La Nouvelle – their pieces are beautiful, they give you good support, and they make your bust look great, but in a natural way. It’s lingerie that’s comfortable and lightweight, that’s made for today’s women, who have a thousand different things going on at one time. It always does what you need it to do, whatever’s going on and whatever your mood.

Do you remember your first bra?

I remember I had quite a comfortable bralette at first. The bra came later. I wanted to be like everyone else, despite my smaller bust, so I wore a lot of bras with underwiring and padding, which were super heavy. They would feel warm, and they used to hurt! As I gained in maturity and confidence, and as I learned to accept my body as it is, I moved on to La Nouvelle.

What advice would you give to your daughter to guide her when it comes to discovering women’s lingerie?

I would like to try to instill in her the sense that she should always choose lingerie that she feels good in, and that doesn’t change her.

What does femininity mean to you?

I would say feeling good in your skin and being caring.

The materials we use to make our bras are sourced with great care, as part of our eco-friendly approach. Is that important to you?

Yes! That’s what we’re all looking for. I am mindful of what I eat and what I buy on a daily basis. So when it comes to lingerie, which we wear 24/7, it’s all the more important to make the right choices.

Barbara, La Nouvelle customer 2Barbara, La Nouvelle customer 3

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