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La Nouvelle x Jonsen

The collab that screams summer La Nouvelle x Jonsen


It was inevitable that these two Marseille-based designers would meet...

The very first meeting set the tone for this relationship, which would be full of laughter and joy.

The two designers, Alix de Moussac and Thomas Cantoni, quickly understood each other and saw how they could complement each other.

Alix was the first to bring up a reference that immediately struck a chord for Thomas: Ricard’s famous Pacific® ad from 1983...

A yellow swimsuit, blue sky, and the white sand in particular... And why not?

What if the specialist in women’s lingerie and swimwear, and the expert in men’s boardshorts, were to join forces for a season? The 2 brands could have fun creating a mixed wardrobe of unisex pieces.

The design quickly followed, the pieces for this collab came together... and the icing on the cake was a shoot in the Caribbean...just like on the famous ad from the 80s!

Jonsen Island x La Nouvelle - Summer collab 2023


For women, there are 2 swimsuits: La Nouvelle’s essential Bri one-piece in a sunshine yellow, and a triangle bikini in Emerald green (Chris and Janine) and as always, the all-important gold lurex details!

And for après-beach or sport, why not slip on the terry cloth shorts featuring Jonsen Island’s signature “octopus” logo!

The loose-fitting and decidedly cool collection features a Jonsen-style trucker cap and a short-sleeved hoodie that Eddie Murphy could have worn in the Beverly Hills Cop movie...

There are also 100% cotton socks that are made in France, and a T-shirt featuring the intertwined La Nouvelle X Jonsen Island logos.

For men:

The brand’s new style for optimal comfort, the “Spérone” boardshorts, also in Emerald green.

A unique visual identity:

For this collaboration, the legendary Jonsen octopus sports a geometric look, which merges with the La Nouvelle diamond.

Jonsen Island x La Nouvelle - Summer collab 2023 2

The colours chosen by our two designers correspond with a surfing-inspired colour scheme, that underlines the intention to develop a collaboration that is both fresh and joyful.

The unique atmosphere of those Sports Illustrated magazines from the 1980s, which Alix and Thomas were keen to recreate, is reflected in the spontaneous and unposed nature of this shoot.

The models who have been chosen to be the faces of this collab are real surfers, who allowed us in to their natural habitat – their paradise, you could say, as they agreed to take part in this photoshoot on their home turf of St Barts.

Jonsen Island x La Nouvelle - Summer collab 2023 3Jonsen Island x La Nouvelle - Summer collab 2023 4

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