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Aquarius - Spring/Summer 2024

A summer that is in harmony with earth and water.
Scorched iridescent land next to an intense sea that is blue on the surface, replete with corals and algae deeper below. Materials that shimmer in the sun and an underwater colour scheme (green, coral, blue) to celebrate the elements of earth and water as one. Let us dive into Aquarius together.

Bruno top & Freddie thong,
in Yellow gingham

Georgia comfort bra & Rosa briefs,
in Blue jack

Marion comfort bra,
in Moon chocolate

Jack bra,
in Blue mesh

Tim swimsuit,
in Toffee lurex

Georgia camisole,
in Modal chocolate

Vaïma dress,
in Coral gauze

Ambre top & Lila briefs,
in Deep green

Helio swimsuit,
in Deep blue

Otis bra,
in Green mesh

Nicoleta triangle bra,
in Black Panther

Bruno top,
in Crazy lace

Chris triangle bra & Clo briefs,
in Sunset lurex

Gilda swimsuit,
in Sparkling black

Lauria swimsuit,
in Khaki shiny

Eugénie bandeau bra & Pamela thong,
in Rouge

Eugénie bandeau bra & Laura briefs,
in Sun jack

Sylvie top,
in Shell print

Zac comfort bra & Pol thong,
in Papaya stripes

Georgia triangle bra & briefs,
in Shiny white

Marion comfort bra & Théa thong,
in Love lace

Romane top & Zac comfort bra,
in Toffee lurex

George comfort bra & Georgia beach briefs,
in Deep blue

Béa dress,
in White crochet

Gilda swimsuit,
in Rouge


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