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Night Call - Autumn/Winter 2022

Like in an American road trip movie, La Nouvelle stops off in a West Coast motel and offers up an ode to the night, with this new collection!

Vlad wrap-over top - in Black Silver
Gary leggings - in Big Flowers print

Time suspended

under the light of neon signs, where we contemplate the night
as we wait for the party to begin.

Poppy bra - in Big Flowers print
Ruffle Briefs - in Red Panther

Georgia Wide Elastic Comfort Bra and Judith Shorty
in Black Silver

Suzie Kimono - in Quilted Black

Coline body - in Red Panther

John Lace Top and Sony Briefs - in Sienna

Sarah Sweatshirt and Ari Trousers - Terra cotton fleece

Anna Comfort Bra and Sony Briefs - in Green Panther

An enigmatic mood with touches of electro,
which transports us to a
cinematic atmosphere

ambiance cinématographique

Georgia Comfort Bra and Rosa Briefs
in Pink Lace

Georgia Body - in Blush lace, Sienna

Jackie bra and Georgia Brazilian briefs
in Shiny Purple

Georgia Body - in Electric Palm

Vlad wrap-over top and Brad Briefs
in Snow Lace

Georgia Comfort Bra and Marjo Thong
in Black Panther

Flo Shorts and Ève Sleeveless Bolero - Quilted ecru

John Top and Brad Briefs - Snow Modal

Georgia Comfort Bra and Brad Briefs - Terra Modal

Let's dance

The Night Call collection takes us on a journey to discover a new world that lies between the realms of night and day, an interlude before the party begins, that arrives with the deep roar of an old Mustang.

Demy Body - in Shiny Purple


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