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Nouvelle Vague Spring/Summer 2021

"It’s a beautiful day, my love, in dreams, in words and in death. It’s a beautiful day, my love. It’s a beautiful day in this life.”

Ferdinand in Pierrot le Fou, a film by Jean-Luc Godard - 1965

Nouvelle Vague is a delightfully Sixties collection with bold, pure colours, that channels the carefree and graceful style of Brigitte Bardot.


Sunshine Yellow
Jaune Soleil
The sweetness of white
Douceur du blanc
Complete look in Blue Liberty print 
Eco-designed colour block lace
Dentelles color block éco-conçues
Our Paul Kimono is 100% Made in France 
Paul, notre Kimono 100% Made in France 
The must-have Bridget body in Nautical Red
Incontournable body Bridget Marin Rouge
Textured Red Mesh
Daisies and Vanilla Lace Mix 
Mix Pâquerettes et Vanilla Lace 
Full of Yellow Liberty
Full of Yellow Liberty
Sixties vibes with our terry cloth fabric for Summer
Inspiration Sixties en Summer sponge
A retro cut, in gorgeous Gingham 
Une coupe rétro en Vichy 

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