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Women’s one-piece swimsuit

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Discover our complete range of <a href="https://www.lingerielanouvelle.com/en/47-women-swimwear">eco-friendly swimwear. Enhance your femininity with a La Nouvelle one-piece swimsuit! Often considered the perfect option for women who want to disguise a fuller figure, the one-piece swimsuit is actually the must-have item for everyone’s summer wardrobe. On the beach, by the pool, or for a relaxed look under a sarong, the one-piece swimsuit reinvents women’s summer fashion. In a beautiful print or an irresistible solid colour, for a draped look or a more defined silhouette, with narrow or wide straps, with or without underwiring, and whether you’d like a more shaped and sculpted bust or not, the La Nouvelle one-piece swimsuit is sure to delight, whatever your style.

What are the advantages of La Nouvelle’s one-piece swimsuits?

From the more understated to the more original, from the classic to the sophisticated, the one-piece swimsuit is making a remarkable comeback, as the swimwear of choice for all women who want to feel completely confident in their swimwear and want it to combine modernity and elegance with practicality. In addition to bringing you a range of one-piece swimsuit styles made from eco-friendly materials and using sustainable production methods, La Nouvelle presents a range of unique and exclusive swimwear that allows you:

• To put an end to worrying about how your swimwear looks, as you can wear a swimsuit that is both fashionable and glamorous, with body-shaping cuts or draped lines that hide any little imperfections, so you can simply wear the one-piece swimsuit that you like best.

• To preserve your modesty, whether you’re playing beach volleyball or reclining on a sun lounger. Thanks to the unique support our one-piece swimsuits provide, you can say goodbye to the fear of seeing your swimsuit slip while you’re swimming or playing volleyball on the beach. Instead, you’ll remain calm and serene, feeling great in your gorgeous La Nouvelle one-piece swimsuit.

• To enjoy mixing it up, with different styles of one-piece swimsuits that all look great on you. From the cut and detail on the neckline to a bare back, from ruffles to bandeau bikini tops... You can play with different textures, cuts and colours, and opt for a one-piece swimsuit that helps you stand out, showcases your style, and reflects your sensuality.

• To protect your skin from the sun’s rays. Although we all love to bask in the sun, some skin types tolerate UV exposure less well than others, making the one-piece swimsuit your new best friend when it comes to your sunbathing sessions. This option also means you don’t have to slather your tummy in sunscreen.

• To choose the style that best enhances your body shape. At La Nouvelle, our one-piece swimwear collections are designed to offer women fashion pieces that suit all body shapes. Whether you want to accentuate your bust with a beautiful neckline, refine your silhouette with a body-shaping one-piece swimsuit, or opt for a decidedly different style with a patterned one-piece swimsuit, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for among La Nouvelle’s many different styles.

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